Project Reporting

Public Project Deliverables

The following project deliverables are made publicly available by the project.

D1.1 Project Management Handbook.

The aim of D1.1 “Project Management Handbook” is to support the DIGITbrain consortium in the day-by-day execution of project activities, providing information about project management as well as specific management procedures and rules. This document has to be considered as a working tool, which can be improved during the project lifetime, to facilitate the collaboration among the partners and to create a “common language” within the people involved in the DIGITbrain project.

D1.2 Project Quality Handbook.

The aim of the Project Quality Handbook is to define a set of procedures and rules that shall allow the produced deliverables and/or documents to correctly communicate, explain and detail the activities performed and results reached within the project, satisfying the relevant quality standards. The implementation of a quality process will support the DIGITbrain’s consortium in the monitoring of the activities, the identification of new potential risks, the implementation of contingency plan and the timely communication of an eventual change to the European Commission.

D8.1 Dissemination plan and project public website.

This deliverable will give an overview of the objectives and tasks in Work Package 8, how communication and dissemination activities have been executed in the first project period and then outline DIGITbrain’s strategy for Communication and Outreach in order to promote the first open call. The description of recent activities will include the set-up of all necessary communication channels (website, newsletter and social media) as well as their success statistics. Further it will list first dissemination activities by all participants as well as publications.

D8.2 First periodic dissemination report

This deliverable will report on all dissemination activities during the first half of the project (M6-M25) including the dissemination of the first open call. The deliverable will describe all dissemination activities conducted, dissemination and training events organised and attended, and community feedback collected and analysed.

D8.4 Plan for collaboration with other I4MS projects and Digital Innovation Hubs

This deliverable describes how the DIGITbrain Project – a Horizon 2020 Innovation Action – will participate in and support the I4MS engagement programme and how it will collaborate with other I4MS projects and Digital Innovation Hubs. The I4MS Engagement Programme (which will be outlined in this document in its very detail) is a series of activities to be jointly implemented by the IAs, the CSA, DIHs and other stakeholders belonging to the I4MS ecosystem. The activities present a framework of collaboration among all of them.

Open Call Evaluation Reports

The following project reports will provide information on the conduction and results of the DIGITbrain Open Calls.

Public evaluation report of the first Open Call.

This report comprises an account of the call, its evaluation and its results, including dates of call, how it was published, dates of evaluation, number of proposals received, number of proposals funded, as well as a list of all selected proposers and their funding amounts.

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