The DIGITbrain Project is composed of a consortium of 36 partners. During its lifetime it will offer an opportunity to participate in further 35-40 collaborators in two Open Calls for experiments, mainly technology and manufacturing SMEs. The EU project will be funded for three and a half years within the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme. Twenty highly innovative industrial solutions will be demonstrated by over 20 application experiments illustrating how the Digital Brain and its lower-level services can be utilised to empower SMEs with MaaS.


DIHs will leverage the innovations of the DIGITbrain project. They will act as promoters of the Digital Brain technology within their networks of SMEs and mid-caps and facilitators of the "Manufacturing as a Service" business model; as multipliers in the Open Call processes and mediators to assess proposals feasibility, and controllers to monitor the progress of application experiments. This will enable DIHs to unlock new market opportunities and value multi-sector networks. The DIGITbrain consortium includes 6 DIHs with an overall European coverage; thus, reaching most of the European territory, and allowing the creation of new connections with surrounding manufacturing companies and DIH networks. The added value provided by the DIHs in the DIGITbrain project will serve as well to attract new potential users for the DIGITbrain solution, as well as its expansion both in terms of geographical coverage and multi-sector use.

Current project consortium: